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VFC HK416 Takedown Review - H&K 416 by UMAREX

VFC HK416 Airsoft Rifle H&K Trademarks Umarex 416 Today we are going to take a closer look at the long awaited HK 416 CQB from Umarex. First, I can confirm that these are actually manufactured for UMAREX by VFC. The externals are what I have come to expect from VFC: solidly built, accurate to the original, and an excellent finish. Of course there are licensed trademarks and they look great. With the exception of the “warning this is not a toy” marking, they are perfect. Unlike many past 416 clones this has a true 416 upper, lower, RIS, sights, magazine, and pistol grip. The pistol grip and front sight are the older style, but are quality parts. The stock, however, is a standard M4 crane stock, not the HK variant. I personally prefer this stock due to the ease of getting a battery in it, but I hear they will release a version in the future with the authentic HK stock along with an updated pistol grip for those that must have it.

Next, we took the rifle to the range to get a feel for how it performs. Umarex claims it shoots 335fps /w a .20g BB. Our chrono results were 359 FPS +/- 3 FPS with a .20g BB. This is very consistent for a stock gun, and for those that want to play outside the higher than advertised FPS is a good bonus. For those wanting to use it in CQB, sadly you will have to respring the gun. With the hopup adjusted for .20g BB’s the HK 416 CQB was hitting a man sized target out to 150 feet, and a paper plate sized target out to about 100 feet. That’s a pretty respectable showing for a short barreled rifle. The rifle was tested with a 1300mah LiPo in both 11.1v and 7.4v. The HK 416 CQB operated flawlessly with both batteries and fired 18 RPS, and 13 RPS respectively. Fair warning, though: while the gun is LiPo ready ,UMAREX does not warranty the use of 11.1v LiPo packs, so use them at your own risk.

Now for my favorite part, lets see whats under the hood!

VFC HK416 Gearbox 8mm Version 2 Mechbox HK416

Hopup and Barrel
The hopup is a standard one piece design made of clear plastic. It adjusts easily, and holds its adjustment. The barrel is polished brass and has no obvious defects. Neither UMAREX nor VFC have listed any specs on the barrel anywhere with the product.

The Gearbox is an 8mm shell. The casting is very good, it has a nice finish, and the front is reinforced to prevent breakages from heavy springs or use.

Umarex H&K 416 VFC Gearset Self Shimming HK416 GearsBearings/Bushings
The bushings are 8mm case hardened steel. I would have preferred bearings, but these guys are tough and because they are 8mm you have plenty of upgrade options.

The gears are standard V2/V3 compatible, standard torque ratio, include a sector chip for High ROF scenarios, and are cast from steel. In addition to the usual features, they are VFC’s self shimming design. While they don’t actually shim themselves you do only have to shim the backside of the gears, making for an easier install of some shiny new 8mm ceramic bearings.

The piston is cast from clear polycarbonate has one metal rack tooth. The second tooth has been removed for more reliable high speed operation.

Umarex HK416 Piston and Piston Head from VFCPiston Head
The Piston head is machined aluminum, it is ported, and has bearings installed. The piston head O-ring creates a good seal with the cylinder. As a side note, the factory thoroughly locktited the piston head onto the piston so it wont come loose during operation, but it’s not going to be much fun removing it if you do have to at some point.

The cylinder is chrome plated, and looks like it may even be teflon coated as well since it has such a smooth finish on it. It is ported and creates a good seal with the piston head and the cylinder head.

Cylinder Head
The cylinder head is black plastic with a metal nozzle. It has a single O-ring and creates a good seal with the Cylinder and Air nozzle.

Air Nozzle
The air nozzle is machined from black plastic, has an O-ring, and creates a good seal with the hopup and cylinder head.

Spring guide
The spring guide is steel and has bearings installed. The chances of this part breaking are absolutely zero.

The motor is unmarked and has shaft bearings installed. The pinion gear is steel and is the press on full shaft variety (that is a good thing). Based on our testing information I would say this motor falls somewhere in between your standard torque motor, and an aftermarket speed one.

Switch & Wiring
The wiring is clean nickel plated high strand count copper wire. The insulation is sturdy but thin for easy wire management. The switch is black plastic, and the casting is good quality. I did notice that the switch contacts had some grease on them from the factory. While this isn’t the end of the world I hope its not terribly common, as burnt grease isn’t great for electrical switches.

To sum it all up,


Fully licensed HK Trademarks
Authentic Details
Good ROF with 7.4v and 11.1v LiPo batteries
Can handle 11.1v LiPo
8mm Gearbox shell
Good parts compatability
1 Year Warranty from Umarex


Uses bushings instead of bearings
Velocity over standard CQB limits on a CQB rifle (may not be a con for everyone)
No HK crane stock
Factory doesn’t cover warranty with 11.1v LiPo
Price is on the High side of $400

HK416 VFC H&K Improved Reliabilit Magazine


If you’re in the market for an accurate replica of a short barreled HK 416 this is where it’s at. The Umarex HK 416 CQB is solidly built, has reliable internals, a good rate of fire, it handles 11.1v lipo, and has fully licensed trademarks. The asking price certainly isn’t cheap, but with Umarex’s 1 year warranty the old saying “you get what you pay for” is more true than ever here.

Umarex H&K HK416 Full Metal Airsoft Rifle by VFC

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